Rotisserie Jig Jaguer E-Type Fully Adjustable

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We spent the past 3 years driving down the price so everyone has the chance to own a jig that will last a lifetime whether you are the hobbyist or the professional restorer working on multiple projects
We only use the best steel for our fabrication Spanish and Italian steel, no Chinese steel is used in any of our products
We have worked closely with our steel supplier to ensure we can keep our pricing low without compromising on quality.
Fully adjustable, you can lift the car from the dolly it sits on as well as axle stands, the car can be lifted upto a height of 1180mm in the air (TRULY FULLY ADJUSTABLE)
This is essential whilst carrying out multiple jobs throughout the project where you have to work at a comfortable working height

There is a link bar provided however this is not structural and only needed when moving the jig around stopping each end of the jig wanting to move in opposite directions, when stationary its better to remove as have complete access to the car.
There are locking positions on the rotation arm allowing the perfect position and is locked in place with a sliding bolt
The jig can be completely dismantled to save space when not in use

The jig comes complete with 50mm castors, this is fine for a workshop with a nice smooth floor however we do have a larger wheel option if the jig is on a rougher floor 75mm 100mm Please contact for the larger wheel option.

The brackets with this jig are for the Jaguar E-Type only . If you have any concerns with regards fitment please feel free to contact me at anytime.
We make these jigs to suit you and there is no such thing as an odd request, we have supplied these jigs for turbine companies, steam engine parts, engineers, drag cars, tractor companies and many more.
If you are wanting multiple jigs for garages where you can pull out at different car depending on where you are with a particular part of a restoration please contact us for delivery charge savings.
If you live in Scotland, Ireland or any of the channel Islands please contact for delivery charges as this product weighs 75kg and additional costs are applied.